Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: By submitting a volunteer application, you confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined by our organization, including age and any specific qualifications for the role you are applying for.

Volunteer Role: You understand that your application is for a volunteer position within our organization, and you are not an employee. You will not receive any monetary compensation, benefits, or employment-related rights.

Background Checks: Some volunteer positions may require a criminal background check. By applying, you consent to such checks, if necessary for your role.

Confidentiality: You agree to maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive and proprietary information you may have access to while volunteering with our organization.

Code of Conduct: You will adhere to our organization's code of conduct, including policies related to professionalism, ethics, and respect for others.

Training: You agree to participate in any required training and orientation sessions to perform your volunteer duties effectively.

Responsibility: You accept responsibility for your actions while volunteering, including any liability for injury or damage caused by your negligence.

Insurance: Our organization may provide liability insurance for volunteers during their service, but this does not substitute for personal insurance.

Termination: Either party may terminate the volunteer relationship at any time, with or without cause, and without notice.

Use of Likeness: You consent to the use of your name, likeness, and statements in our organization's promotional materials unless you specifically request otherwise.

Data Protection: You agree to the organization's data protection and privacy policies.

No Expectation of Benefits: You understand and acknowledge that your volunteer service is offered with no expectation of benefits, compensation, or future employment with our organization.

Compliance with Laws: You will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations while performing volunteer duties.

Conflict of Interest: You will promptly disclose any conflicts of interest that may arise during your volunteer service.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless our organization from any claims, losses, liabilities, or damages that may arise from your actions as a volunteer.

Governing Law: These terms and conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of The Republic of Ghana.

Entire Agreement: These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and our organization, superseding any prior agreements or understandings.

Modification: Our organization reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions. Any changes will be communicated to you.