Beach Cleanup:
Community-driven effort where volunteers collect and remove litter and debris from a beach environment. Preservation of marine ecosystems, protection of wildlife, and the restoration of the natural beauty of the coastline, making it safer and cleaner for both people and wildlife.

Climate Conference:
Hosting workshops and seminars to help audiences develop a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility for the natural world. Advocating for policy changes, addressing plastic pollution, and lack of adequate infrastructure.

Green Festival:

A novelty community event that mobilizes people around climate change issues and provides a platform for discussions, education, solutions, and inviting eco-friendly entrepreneurs to showcase their sustainable products and services, connecting them with environmentally conscious consumers.

Zero Plastic Campaign:

Designed to reduce plastic pollution, conserve natural resources, and protect wildlife. It promotes sustainable alternatives, raises awareness about plastic's environmental harm, and fosters a cleaner, healthier planet for current and future generations.